‘American Idol': Scotty McCreery Talks Teen Choice and ‘Idol’ Finale

American Idol is down to the final two this season, and that means it is time for the big finale and a new winner to be crowned. Just a year ago, the weekend before the finale saw Scotty McCreery preparing to battle Lauren Alaina for the title. This season, the battle is between Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez. McCreery will be around to help the winner celebrate this week, and he has a bit of celebrating himself to do. The singer has been nominated for some Teen Choice Awards this week!

Following his nomination, the young singer took the time out to thank his fans for nominating him. He is still a teenager himself, so he makes sure his younger fans know he appreciates their support. He said the following, according to Ace Showbiz:

“I am so grateful for all of my teen fans. Since I’m still a teenager myself, their support has meant everything to me over the last year.”

As for the Idol finale, McCreery is set to perform on the performance finale on Tuesday night and return to the series during the results finale on Wednesday. He said the following about his return to the Idol stage:

“I am so excited about going back to American Idol and seeing everyone again. I hope to spend some time with the finalists, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez, and share some of my experiences with them. I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I was in their shoes.”

Scotty’s life has changed a lot since his time on the series last season. This year, the high school senior had to balance being a normal teenager with the life of an American Idol winner. Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez will be the next to have their lives changed forever.

Are you ready to find out who will win this season?

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