American Idol Tonight: Victoria Beckham is In the House – The Boston Auditions

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It’s the start of a new round of auditions on American Idol, two hours tonight and two more tomorrow covering Boston and Atlanta. Already we’ve seen some amazing talent along with the usual insanity that always accompanies audition week.

Victoria Beckham, is the first celebrity judge to join Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Kara Dioguardi (Ellen DeGeneres will join them later) as they sort through the slim pickings in Boston.

It all begin with Janet who thinks because she can beat the American Idol video game, she’s got the goods to do it for real. After this train wreck, I think we can sue the game manufacturer for false advertising. As if singing Pocketful of Sunshine wasn’t bad enough, she sang it horribly! And of course she was crushed when Simon told her she didn’t make it. But hey, she had once consolation, according to Janet, Paula thought she was good. Which is interesting because Paula wasn’t even there. Perhaps that’s the secret. Freakin’ Awesome!

Of course, American Idol then did what they always do, after making me laugh, they made me cry with a story about Maddy Curtis and her three brothers with Downs Syndrome (three of which are adopted.) She started off a little stiff but once she got going on Hallelujah, she was quite lovely. Kara called her an authentic, old soul and Simon said that unlike most of the 16’s that come in, she wasn’t annoying. Thank heavens, they put here through!

Holla back boy, Pat Ford (right) thought he was auditioning for his high school musical. He called Simon sassy and Randy told him to stop singing forever. Low blow, but so true. Nice kid, I’m sure, but not even close to being on the mark.

Marvelous Jennifer followed with a jazzy Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead and who was that nerdy girl with the amazing voice who sang Train a Comin‘ – that was a real surprise.

Amadeo, with the big Italian family has some charisma as he belts out a deep and soulful Muddy Waters but he’s not polished. Doesn’t matter, Simon likes him and I think his humble attitude is what got him through to Hollywood. His family tackles him when he comes out with the win and nearly kills the cameraman! Love the enthusiasm.

From loud and proud, we went to that mellow fellow Derek Hilton (Top). Think Jason Castro without the dreds. And yet, I dread. . . what’s about to come. Sure enough, he sings in this odd, nasaly voice where he bites off the ends of each word. Yikes! Sorry won’t be the hardest word tonight, it will be NO!

Mary, the anime fan, is up next and I can already tell how this is going to go and I’m right. She screams out Janis Joplin and it’s horrendous. Then she says that she’s been training for 14 years! She needs to fire her coach.

Luke Shaffer and Benjamin Bright and wow’d the judges with some raw talent – very nice and easy tones. Very modern and marketable, Kris Allen types.

Andrew Fenlon wanders in after doing nothing but complain about the wait, then he insults Simon by saying that the questions aren’t interesting. Then asks the panel if they’ve ever heard of the song House of the Rising Sun. I like his voice, as he got into it it was very crooner but he’s so angry and the judges call him on it. They send him packing on because of the poor attitude and Kara dissolved into talking about spankings. Then the whole panel started fighting — geez, this guy’s energy was beyond bad. It’s a shame because I think he could have made it through otherwise.

Ashley Rodriguez and Tyler with the broken wrists are the lasts act for the first hour and we’re lucky to end on not only a high note, but on key as well.

That’s it for Day One in Boston. Let’s move on and see what happens.


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