‘American Idol’ Video: Scotty McCreery Changes His Name for Conan

American Idol wrapped its season, and as things head towards season twelve, the season ten winner Scotty McCreery is showing that he can poke fun at himself and he used his singing talent to do it. McCreery appeared on Conan on Monday night to help the host prove that once again – he doesn’t make mistakes.

Obviously, Conan made one when he talked about McCreery with another celebrity. The host said the singer’s name wrong, but Scotty showed that he was willing to go that extra mile to help Conan out. Since the end of season ten, Scotty has been busy balancing his normal life with his music career. He made it a point to try to be as normal as possible with everything surrounding him.

With Phillip Phillips winning season eleven last month, Scotty no longer has the spotlight of being the current American Idol winner trained on him. That should make life a little bit easier for him to handle.

This short video does show Scotty singing a song he wrote just for Conan. He definitely shows here that he has a sense of humor. Not everyone can poke fun at their own name for the world to see. The fan that sent in the mistake had a song performed by Scotty in his honor. That fan probably doesn’t mind Conan poking a little fun at him after that.

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