American Kate Middleton Deleted from Facebook

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Kate Middleton found herself deleted from Facebook, but they had the wrong Middleton. The name is fairly common, but that did not stop Facebook security from assuming that the American-born Middleton was an imposter. The Boston bicyclist is 32-year-old Kate who is not about to marry Prince William.

Middleton has had to endure teasing from journalists who ask her to speak with a British accent. While Facebook has received a lot of complaints because of their lack of security, they are being rather high-handed with this account. She says, “I’m British, and I’m not really interested in pretending I’m the other Kate Middleton so I basically refused on all five requests to speak in a British accent.”

Do not feel too sorry for the American Kate Middleton. She is receiving a lot of free press, and she is using it to promote her bicycle tour in July from Boston to Provincetown. It is all for a good cause to raise money for multiple sclerosis.

So it looks as if there is no harm done, but perhaps Facebook should have their own account deleted for fraud with all the problems they have had!

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