American Music awards last night. J-lo fell? Whitney Houston was Great!

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I got one station last night on my tv and thought, Yay, it’s ABC! I can watch my Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. It’s been weeks since I saw either show. 

 Of course I found out fast, neither was on and instead was the AMAwards. :( drat!

  So, I tried to sit and watch it. But, being a classic rock Grandma, I got bored.   So, I would listen to who was going to be on next and if I didn’t recognize them, I muted it and read my book. Well, I must have missed them saying Jennifer Lopez, because I missed her performance and her fall. If you did too, here is a Link for her video and for Adam Lambert’s video as well.

 I’m not to concerned about missing either. The one performance I did get to see was worth missing my shows.  Whitney Houston singing her new song” i didn’t know my own Strength” was GREAT!  She was a vision in white and had lights spotlighting on her that made her look like an Angel.  She got emotional for a few seconds towards the end of her song and had to quit singing. The audience’s love for her was overwhelming. But, she finished to a standing ovation. I am so glad she’s back singing again.  I think her performance alone should have gotten top billing today. Not J-lo’s fall.

  But, what do I know? Apparantly, that’s all you read about when you search for this show today.



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