‘American Pickers’ on History Channel ‘Guys and Dollhouses’

The “American Pickers” are Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, the professional hunters who travel the country picking through rusty gold or hidden treasures covered with rust from age. That rusty gold is what keeps them in business, buying low and selling high, but even they find things that they do not want to part with.

In this episode, Mike and Frank found a honey hole of gasoline items that they were determined to bring in. Both of them love these items and while in Kentucky, they had definite leads, but were just looking through the back woods. A guy named Benny loved gas pumps and had a collection that were his pride and joy. He used to own a Marathon Gas station, many years ago. He knows prices and it will take lots of negotiating to get him to sell anything to the “American Pickers.”

Mike finally broke the ice with a shift knob for a roadster for $50 and Frank got a tin can for $15. Once the ice was broke, the deals started coming. After they left, they went to a lead that Danielle gave them. They had memorabilia from all over their town, especially the movie business. While Frank and Mike looked over the collection, they found a large Coca Cola sign that hung over the owner’s uncle’s business. They broke the ice and bought it for $600. They found an old seat from a horse and buggy with a Railway Express sign and got it for $75. They also found items from an old opera house including the “Majestic” marquee sign for $225.

In South Carolina they had another lead to meet with a man who used to be a politician. They found a ton of stuff to pick through. Mike broke the ice immediately when he found an old equestrian hat for $20. He plans to open a coffee shop/book shop/art gallery in the upstairs warehouse. That’s when they found a large Victorian dollhouse the owner wanted $1000 for. Mike started dickering with him and finally walked away for a while to look at other stuff.

They got great things, but could not get their mind off the dollhouse. Frank called a client who was willing to pay $1000 for the dollhouse and finally bought it for $625, but met his match in a great negotiator.

They called Danielle and Lauren and found out that the Mason chair was sold, and not thanking them for their work, the guys asked if they sold other stuff, so the gals took a well deserved break.

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