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The History Channel seems to have come up with another popular show in “American Pickers”. Staring Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, the owners of Antique Archaeology located in LeClaire, Iowa , the show features the two traveling around the country digging through peoples barns and storage in search of things to resale.

The pair usually end up dealing with elderly people who have barns full of junk and old antiques. Some, have been “pickers’ and sellers themselves in the past . They buy items they think they can sell at a good profit and claim to be paying “fair” prices.

The History Channel is reported to be very pleased with the show’s success and I have to admit to watching it. At first I thought it was pretty interesting, but the more I have watched it, the more I am beginning to dislike it. Evidentially I am not alone, it seems no matter how popular the show is, on the internet people are making some pretty negative comments about the show.

Mike Wolf comes across and a spoiled little rich kid who is pretty much in love with himself and seems to have no idea about other people’s lives, especially the ones he is buying from. Being extremely proud of his chosen livelihood of buying low and selling high, Mike has an exaggerated sense of his own abilities and knowledge. He claims they are protecting parts of history by reselling them to people who don’t really care how much they pay for something, but it is clear he has no appreciation for the past, especially the one people lived it.

Here are just a few of the comments from others found on the net:

“I am a big collector . These two guys are douchebags praying on a ww2 vet. I wish they would come to Brooklyn i would show them something”

“have an idea for a better show: how about you get pickers to go out to these poor country people’s houses, pull stuff out for them, sell it and give the money back to them?”

“I’ve never been so disgusted in my life. The show is severely edited, you don’t see a quarter of what really goes on. These people bully their way into elderly homes and property.”

“Mike and Frank should be ashamed of themselves.  I totally understand the concept of buying for resale, but I viewed an episode where they TOTALLY RIPPED off this elderly lady!  She had absolutely no idea what the value of her possessions were.”

“REALLY! History Channel you can do alot better. American Cheaters not Pickers. In todays times, people are willing to trust and sell what they unknowling had for many years for just pennies on the dollar to a couple of carpet baggers.”

What’s your opinion of this show?

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