American Politics and The Ides of March

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Ryan Gosling and George Clooney Team up on American Politics

This Columbus Day weekend saw the release of the political thriller, The Ides of March, starring Ryan Gosling and George Clooney. The film is pretty much what you would expect: a star-studded cast, a plot that holds up, and some good old fashion liberal hollywood propaganda. With the current political climate here in America, from the Occupy Wall Street movement to the ramping up Republican debate, The Ides of March is a timely film. Discontent in the current American political system seems to grow as the Occupy Wall Street movement has not lost any momentum and now Hollywood gives us this film.

The Ides of March Even Takes Shots at the Left (Spoiler Alert!)

As expected, Mike Morris, played by George Clooney, the democratic candidate with a positively presidential look and charisma touts the typical Democratic platform: revitalize the economy by investing in Green energy and ending American dependence on foreign oil; electric cars for everyone! Naturally, the predominantly right-wing Dallas, TX didn’t fill the theater on opening weekend. As it turns out The Ides of March doesn’t let the left get away with clean hands. Oh sure, Clooney’s character wins the election in the end, but only after caving on some principles as Gosling’s ambitious character threatens black mail. In the end, Gosling’s idealistic and pure intentions turn to ruthless ambition and the campaign loses that fresh aroma of American politics renewed.

Occupy Wall Street: The Ides of March: American Disillusionment

Last week, the Occupy Wall Street movement was criticised for lacking clear demands and direction, yet it is undeniable that the movement is a true expression of growing discontent in America toward the current political and economic system. The Ides of March only adds to that discontent. The film doesn’t try to solve the problems in American Politics, it only deepens the mistrust of politics in general to the point where viewers might throw up their hands and ask, what’s the point?! Even if the good guy wins he will be so burdened by the system that he probably wont be able to do anything good.

The Religion of the Constitution

George Clooney’s character repeated the following quote in all of his speeches in the film: “I am not a Christian, I am not an Atheist, I am not a Muslim, I am not a Jew. My Religion is the Constitution of The United States of America.” How appropriate, especially since just two days ago Rick Perry’s campaign took a shot at Mitt Romney when mega church pastor and Perry supporter Robert Jeffress called Mormonism a cult and argued that true Christians should vote for Perry. At least in the movies we don’t have to worry about the religion argument.

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