American University Professor Breastfeeds Baby in Class

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Adrienne Pine, an American University professor, didn’t have anyone to watch her sick infant daughter on August 28 and did not want to cancel the first day of her class, Sex, Gender, and Culture. So she didn’t have a choice but to bring her baby to school with her.

Her baby was behaving pretty well during the first half of the 75-minute lecture. She was just crawling on the floor and was occasionally rocked by Pine’s teaching assistant. But just like all little ones do, her baby eventually grew restless and started crying. Pine didn’t stop the lecture to go take her baby out in the hall for a few minutes. She instead started breastfeeding her baby in front of her entire class. Could you imagine the looks on their faces?

Pine didn’t think breastfeeding her baby in class was inappropriate, so she was obviously shocked when she found out some of her students complained the next day.

“I feel like it was really unprofessional of her,” Jeff Williams, a senior student of hers, said. “I feel like she should have at least stepped out of the room.”

Sophomore Sarah Mireles thought it was inappropriate for Pines to bring her baby to class in the first place. “It’s very distracting to a lot of the students,” she said.

Pine didn’t realize breastfeeding her baby in class would have caused such a stir and wishes the incident wasn’t considered newsworthy. “I had no intention of making a political statement or shocking students,” she said.

The bottom line is, Pine shouldn’t have breastfed her baby in class. It’s a natural process, of course, but it isn’t appropriate to do that in front of students. It just makes everyone feel uncomfortable. She should have went to the bathroom to breastfeed her baby and allowed her teaching assistant to take over the class while she was gone.

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