America’s Child Death Shame

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America’s Child Death Shame

Here is another of the growing social pathologies that define a crumbling society. This story has upset me more than anything I have published in quite a long time. Note the difference between Texas and Vermont. Among other things this shows the absolute hypocrisy of the Religious Right, and their complete incompetence at dealing with real social issues, because they will not deal with facts, preferring instead theology and ideology.

Consider also that this report appears in a British publication. It not only shows the world what we have become, it also shows the bankruptcy of our corporate media, which has barely touched this story.

This is also yet further proof that we need a new paradigm of governance. Stephan A. Schwartz

Michael Petit is the president of Every Child Matters. He served as the state of Maine’s human services commissioner, and as deputy of the Child Welfare League of America.

BBC News (U.K.)

Why is the problem of violence against children so much more acute in the US than anywhere else in the industrialised world, asks Michael Petit, President of Every Child Matters.

Over the past 10 years, more than 20,000 American children are believed to have been killed in their own homes by family members. That is nearly four times the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The child maltreatment death rate in the US is triple Canada’s and 11 times that of Italy. Millions of children are reported as abused and neglected every year. Why is that?

Downward spiral

Part of the answer is that teen pregnancy, high-school dropout, violent crime, imprisonment, and poverty – factors associated with abuse and neglect – are generally much higher in the US.

Further, other rich nations have social policies that provide child care, universal health insurance, …

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