‘America’s Got Talent’ 2011 Cherishes Lys Agnes

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Tuesday, America’s Got Talent again was graced with the great talent named Lys Agnes. This winsome beauty who had been singing all of her life until her fiancé died a few years ago is back doing what she does best.

And the AGT contender proved she is still a top notch singer last night as she put an operatic spin on the mainstream song Bring Me To Life. In a prepackaged look at Lys, Agnes explained how she had become more “herself” from this TV competition.

She elaborated, “I was in a cocoon before and I am now becoming a butterfly. I can fly now.”

And that she did, despite an infection that caused concern when she was put on both voice rest and antibiotics earlier in the week. Whether these remedies worked or the idea of singing was a way to override her medical condition, this America’s Got Talent top participant sang her heart out and into the hearts of all who heard this great talent from Denver, Colorado.

Not only did Lys Agnes sound beautiful, but she looked beautiful too, swathed in a white goddess gown. The stage was not over produced, but rather offered just a bit of atmosphere with some musicians playing in the background, some dry ice encircling the bottom of the singer’s long dress, and two giant candelabra putting just the right finishing touch on the stage accessories.

At that, when this America’s Got Talent talent finished singing, her audience was on their feet in an uproar of excitement. Sharon Osbourne was one of those admirers, saying, “I tell you, Lys, just when I thought I had seen it all tonight, you came on. It took my breath away. Your confidence, your beauty…Everything about you is overwhelming.”

Piers Morgan was pleased too, saying to Agnes, “Finally you showed me the full range of what you have. You really thought about that.” Then he called Lys’ performance “a theatrical tour de force” and “the single best semi-final on this show.” Wow.

Howie wasn’t as articulate simply because he said that there “aren’t even words to describe your beauty, sound, and how you opened up…”

Then, to make up for lost words on America’s Got Talent, this judge cum comedian said, “You know what I want to do to you? I want to get you votes.”

No doubt that won’t be necessary. This America’s Got Talent contestant for 2011 is in it to win it. She is Lys Agnes, the woman with the golden voice. Meanwhile, check in here for a complete recap of AGT for Tuesday.

America’s Got Talent has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy. The Emmys air September 18th on FOX.

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