America’s Got Talent 2011 Season 6 – Meet Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

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No doubt, America’s Got Talent. But that was not all that evident on AGT Wednesday during New York auditions for season 6. Still, one man stood out: Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

This 36-year-old from Logan, West Virgina is not currently employed in show business. In fact, the rag-tag, cornrowed, laid back dude has been washing cars for a living. That’s been his job for the past decade. In fact, on America’s Got Talent, Landau said, “I’ve washed so many BF Goodrich tires, I don’t want to see any more rubber.”

Then this supposed talent added, “It’s time to see something else.”

And the audience did last night, but it wasn’t what anyone expected.

At first, this America’s Got Talent contestant seemed a little on the sly side, cracking gum (which Piers told him to get rid of so he pulled it out of his mouth and put it straight into his pocket). Landau was as dressed down as possible, wearing old jeans and tattered clothes. He appeared to be a person who may have been homeless as he stood on that New York stage, telling Howie how much he loves him.

And then, looking as little like Frank Sinatra as anyone could look, Landau sang his own take on the Ole Blue Eyes hit, I’ve Got You Under My Skin. This performance caused everyone in the room to sit up and listen, eyes wide. It was nothing less than brilliant, an unexpected yet much appreciated surprise after a day of New York auditions that were, for the most part, beyond flat.

But Landau was different. He brought everyone to their feet. Meanwhile, Sharon was so blown away she asked if this America’s Got Talent singer was lip synching to Sinatra.

That would be a negative.

This guy’s for real and Howie and the gang loved his artistry. In fact, Piers admitted to Landau that when he “came out on this stage doing [his] Howie Mandel hero worship, I thought, ‘This guy’s not serious.’ I couldn’t believe quite what I was hearing. And what I like about you is that I don’t think you know how good you really are.”

And so the man named Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., a guy Piers thought was a “train wreck” when he was introduced, was the man of the hour. The America’s Got Talent hour.

Did you watch AGT last night? What did you think of Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.? Thoughts? Thanks.

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