‘America’s Got Talent’ 2011 Wild Card Show – Who Is Going Home?

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On Tuesday, America’s Got Talent held their special wild card show that brought back axed acts from previous performance nights. These lucky 12 will become lucky 4 as 8 will be eliminated while those remaining will go on to the AGT semi-finals.

So who deserves to stay and who deserves to go?

That’s the big question.

Any one of these America’s Got Talent talents could be continuing on in the competition, depending on your tastes. Some may stick with the Kinetic King because of this Segway-riding contender’s quirky bit (see story here), while others could prefer Those Funny Little People — although chances are these pudgy puppet-like personalities are probably going to be saying good-bye.

Among the best acts of last evening was Shevonne, a singer whose voice possesses an otherworldly quality and who was overlooked ever since the Las Vegas auditions, until Sharon Osbourne remembered her and brought the beautiful songstress back to the America’s Got Talent wild card show (see Shevonne’s performance here).

Another performance that was great fun was the Yellow Designs Stunt Team, a group of BMXers who do so much more than just ride bikes while pulling off crazy tricks. These guys are real live wires, as seen in their performance last night when they took on pirate personas who entertained as if they were commanding a treasure-hunting ship large enough to hold a three-ring circus. See this contestant in a video here.

Also possibly on board to go on to the next America’s Got Talent round are West Springfield Dance Team, recruits from YouTube who didn’t make it through last week (see story here) but were saved thanks again to Sharon Osbourne and her eye for talent.

The savvy judge used her wild card to give these weird yet wonderful hoofers a do-over, and that do-over was good, although the judges were happier with their original act than the one from this week. And no wonder. These scary dancers who have horror in their hearts (and a great sense of the dramatic) only had a week to prepare yet another routine.

That said, those are just three America’s Got Talent possibilities for who will stay. But who will go home tonight? What’s your guess? Please weigh in.

America’s Got Talent has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy. The Emmys air September 18th on FOX.

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