‘America’s Got Talent’ 3rd Semifinals Vote Swings from Divine Comedy to a Lady’s Tough Call

America’s Got Talent‘s toughest debate for judges Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel before the final minutes of this week’s semifinalist vote night appeared to be whether Howie should go hatless or not, and he settled the question with his own sombrero. The choices were not so easy for the competition’s voting viewers, though, and the pressure was plenty for the panel in the final decision, and Mrs. O had to make the call!

Rock Star Juggler Mike Price, comedian Jacob Williams, and acrobatic balance artist Cristin Sandu at least got the welcome relief of knowing their fate first. Price and Sandu had proved their prowess in their craft for many weeks before going for their shot as semifinalists, but the big stage brings immense tensions, and both fell prey to drops and downfalls. Williams, however, seemed more comfortable as he moved through his cleverly crafted observations on life for one. It was hardly surprising that he was the first semifinalist to secure a slot.

The doggie delight provided by this year’s Britain’s Got Talent winners, Ashleigh and Pudsy, served as a great distraction from the nerves of the night, not to mention the fun of seeing Pudsy nibble cheeseburger following his dance moves! Lightwire Theatre, youth on a mission Inspire the Fire, and drag singer All Beef Patty faced their revelation next. Lightwire Theatre closed the quarterfinal performances with the panel standing in ovation, and Patty was scolded for her loss of stage presence, but the judges were especially tough on Inspire the Fire, and the troupe took their verbal lashings with class. The duck dancing cuteness of Lightwire Theatre captured America, too, as they won the votes.

Beat dancer Elusive, young dancers The Untouchables, and singer Jake Wesley Rogers came front and center for their word. All of these young people definitely have talent and convey exactly why America’s Got Talent presents a more unique composite of diversity than any of its talent TV competitors, because it doesn’t demand over 15 or under 50, and the music or material doesn’t have to be Top 40. The Untouchables clearly captured attention with their flawless execution of color and choreography, and they captured the third vote as semifinalists.

Australian DJ Havana Brown heated up the stage with some sexy sizzle, if not her singing, with her hit, “We Run the Night,” and the night was coming to an end as All Wheel Sports, escape master Spencer Horsman, and fusion band Wordspit and The Illest were called for the judges final vote. Spencer Horsman held out hope of returning as a wildcard as he was sent home as the act with the lowest votes among the three, retaining his magician’s right to not always reveal all his secrets. All Wheel Sports and Wordspit and The Illest could not be more different acts, but both are original and completely committed to their art and identity. Much to their credit, both gave stirring words regarding their deserved place in the competition, and Wordspit affirmed their choice of their own composition in the face of critique as a show of commitment to their art. Howard Stern stuck with his guns voiced in his previous night’s appraisal, giving his vote to the band; Howie Mandel threw his vote to the spinners and tumblers and ladies in hot pants. The deciding vote was Sharon Osbourne’s, and she praised authenticity of each act but gave the support of her vote to All Wheel Sports. Does the competition come down to appeal over artistry? It’s usually a mix of both, but which one wins can be a matter of America’s mood.

See who takes the last four places next week!

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