‘America’s Got Talent’ Final Auditions Take Tappers, Comic, and a Daughter Tracking Stardom to Vegas

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Part of the chemistry that makes magic on America’s Got Talent isn’t just between judges Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel. The competition allows the beholders to bemuse as to what constitutes true giftedness, and the final night of auditions before the Las Vegas performances proved to be most entertainingly different once again.

Smooch Piggy was a true little porker whose taste for treats was greater than her talent, but it was still fun to see her plop on her carpet roll in painted toes and play a horn, even out of command! Howard Stern and Howie Mandel found their taste even for this cutely-dressed bacon baby was quickly exhausted, but Sharon found her “hypnotizing,” but couldn’t save her from heading home. More ridiculous escapades followed, from the White Tiger Martial Arts group, who seemed to think endless slapping somehow got funnier, a female rapper flinging her hair for “female empowerment,” and a plump ballerina whose plies only became pleasing after an interlude from Nick Cannon for comic relief. Lillianna, otherwise known as “Lil Starr” tapped her heart out and shook her booty better than those more than double her age of 6 to win the judges’ hearts, except for Howard Stern’s, but he was overruled by Howie and Sharon’s affirmative marks, and the little Miss rebuffed the King of Mean, saying, “I think I did really good.” Seeing her shake it even more big-time is worth a second look even if six is a bit young for a million bucks. The Bendez Circus was a daring ensemble, and they are sure to bring out more of their acrobatic big guns in coming weeks.

A seldom seen rock band bought themselves a Vegas audition with a “Rolling in the Deep” rendition that the judges raved over, and an even rarer find of a solid Impressionist passed on, too. A pair of 85-year-old tap-dancing ladies who still “looked great” even to Howard Stern’s eyes earned unanimous “Yay’s” for Vegas, too. Jacob Williams is just 23, and admitted that he sometimes gets so nervous in front of crowds that he “wants to throw up” but he threw his Steven Wright-esque deadpan lines at the audience so fast, no one even caught their breath between laughs, and the young man just opened his career overnight. The 787 Crew took their name from the Puerto Rican area code, but their creative dance moves with serious attitude came from another world. Howie Mandel said “loved it” regarding every element of their performance, and the same phrase came from Sharon Osbourne, while Howard Stern said these inspiring lads from our US cousin were “one of the best” of America’s Got Talent offerings this season.

Trish claimed to be a home-based computer programmer, but it was clear her only full-time preoccupation was Howard Stern. Her purported act was fast talking, which became supersonic annoyance super fast to all the past and anyone else in range. She confessed that she “made up a talent” to meet Howard Stern, and her hug from the shock jock made her America’s Got Talent dream come true before she departed the stage, hopefully for good. Mark said he did impressions, but he was really trying to impersonate an English-speaking citizen, and only Howie Mandel got a word out of his movie monologues, much less any humor.

Mary Joyner walked out to center stage as the final act of the evening, and it was Howie Mandel who commented on the famous familiarity of her name, prompting her to elaborate on her parental legacy as the daughter of Florence Griffith and Al Joyner. This young lady has a rich family heritage, but her dreams aren’t about jumping hurdles, but instead, singing notes to the heavens, and she did just that, with an emotion-packed soulfulness that belied her youth. She mentioned how her mother had said that her mother had spoken that she couldn’t sing, but her daughter would, and Mary Joyner had to have felt her own personal chorus of angels singing inside her, led by her mother. Her audition was another mesmerizing moment of this seventh season. Howard Stern said this young star “had him in 30 seconds,” Howie Mandel exclaimed that we, meaning America, “just fell in love with you,” and Sharon Osbourne praised that her voice was under such command, she had “moved everyone here.” Mary Joyner has just sent her own track for stardom ablaze.

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