‘America’s Got Talent’ First Round Semifinals Vote Doesn’t Go for Song or Dance

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Everyone casting all the America’s Got Talent cyberspace ballots this week had to make tough choices between heartstrings and heavy hitters in talent. The first dozen semifinalists took this week totally seriously, and any slip ups were scarce. Only three could be standing at the end of the night, though, so the tough calls had to come, and here is how the tally spoke.

Steve Harvey seems to be everywhere these days, and the comedian and multimedia mega-host gave his own comedic rundown of the contenders, complete with papa innuendos for the young Edon, along with his onetime movie son, Nick Cannon. The hopefuls likely were still sweating bullets backstage, finding giggles next to gagging under the tension!

One of the toughest sentimental calls came first, as contortionist dancer and captivator of hearts, Turf, synchronized dancing brothers Scott, and moving sand artist, Joe Castillo, were the first trio to learn their fate. It was Castillo who took the first coveted finalist slot, so America seems to definitely see its future in his visions out of sand. Let’s hope the fine dancers find much brighter futures, too, as they deserve, beyond the Strip in Vegas.

The next trio called up for their verdict was comprised of goth opera fan favorite, Andrew De Leon, Earth Harp creator and composer, William Close, who was unquestionably the judges’ pick from this week’s performers, and dance troupe, Academy of Villains, who were among few truly deserving YouTube talents to take on the big America’s Got Talent stage. America went along with the judges this time, as William Close and his collective took the second slot. His act is one that requires a big production just to exist, and as Howie Mandel hoped, that production value did translate from the small screen.

This week’s guest talent went to the rockers, as the band of 11-year-olds, literally, Haunted by Heroes, had their spotlight moment, and Neon Trees offered up their hit, “Everybody Talks,” as viewers just waited for how the tally would talk!

The third trio was a matter of putting the popular against pure artistry, as acrobatic dance couple, Donovan and Rebecca, who offered their best ever display last night, were up with Todd Oliver and his Boston terrier buddy, Irving, who had everyone gobbling from his comedic dog dish, and lastly, teen sensation, Edon, who proved quite perfected enough as a performer. Oliver and his Irving snatched the vote like a tug toy, so comedy is going big this year!

The final group is comprised of mindreader, Eric Dittelman, who left the crowd in Stern amazement, singer Bria Kelly, who had a tough climb from the YouTube auditions, and comedian, Tom Cotter, whose on-demand college routine roused great approval. Cotter again proves comedy can be king, taking the vote.

The results leave the four talents as Joe Castillo, William Close, Todd Oliver and Irving, and Tom Cotter, and the judges vote has to cut the contenders to three. Close and Cotter keep spots, and Howard holds firm voting for Todd and Irving, but Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel make their motion for Joe Castillo, so the sand man stays, and Sharon suggests that a show with him and William Close could really be something special!

Round two semifinal performances are on next week–stay tuned!

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