America's Next Civil WAR?

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Is America Heading Towards Another Civil War?

Ten years ago when someone asked me if I believed our country was heading towards civil war, I told that person, “No, not even close. “

Today I am not so sure that civil war is not just a few years off.

Why do I think this?

Today there is more separation in thoughts and in actions then in the last 150 years. The last time there was this much consternation our country had its first civil war. We have become once again a powder keg waiting for the final spark.

Never in my life time did I believe America would become a communist style nation, however, every day in the news we are told that is exactly what some politicians want. Socialized medicine, redistribution of corporate funds, extreme tax hikes on the masses for social programs, etc etc… There is a word for that type of governance, its called Communism. Sure they call themselves liberals or progressives but these policies are in fact communist.

Personally I could live with a liberal who was a capitalist with social programs for our poor, whether I agreed or not. These liberals progressives today are far beyond that, they are in fact communist. I will not live under communist rule, I will fight, and I will instigate insurrection. Seriously, I will. And I will find more people like minded, and once that is accomplished, we will demand our own territory, and if it is not given forthwith, war will be soon to follow. Because the question becomes, if not I, who? If not now, when?

Is this seriously the direction we want our country to travel? My answer is an emphatic no, yet I will not live under communism because it goes against everything I believe, regardless of the new names liberals/progressives/communist call themselves today.

There is no one in their right mind who doesn’t want to help children, regardless of the situation. Why? Because its not their fault. However almost all of their parents are to blame for everything that is wrong in their lives, period. Its not whitey, or racism, or any other damn thing, its their own fault. And as a nation we have totally lost our identity and direction.

This country was built off of hard work and motivation to do better. Today that concept is in extremely short supply, but it does exists in extremely small groups of men. However, in ever increasing numbers, victim hood is gaining a strangle hold on this country and our way of life. Somehow instead of looking towards family and friends, or inward at yourself, large groups of people are turning towards the government and demanding, demanding, they get theirs. And everyone who has more must give more because somehow these people who have done nothing deserve more. When the reality is, no one deserves anything, except the chance to improve your life with hard work and determination. Without doing that, the only other thing we deserve is to die.

Since the mid 1960 to present this county has been on a road to collapse. Until recently I didn’t see it. This country was built on the belief of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To some, life is not their fault, they didn’t ask for it. So therefore they should have the liberty to take from others, so they can live in complete happiness without having to work for anything. And liberal progressives are there telling them they can get it for them if only elected, and that its their right to take from others.

How can we not see it, we live in a country where grades are looked at as demeaning to children. We live in a country where gaining wealth is to be punished, and we live in a country where having more then others will soon become a crime. You don’t believe this? Pay attention to what going on in your neighborhoods, to what the Presidential candidates are saying, and those here on Gather that blame Capitalism for our countries problems. When its not our system its people and their greed, and progressive liberal/communism that has finally taken hold in this country convincing an ever increasing amount of people the government owes them.

If this country is not going to remain a capitalist society, there is only one other option left, communism. Yet in that system of government an extremely small number of people have all the wealth/power, while everyone else remains beholden slaves to their masters. That is communism/liberalism/progressivism wants in today’s culture.

China’s communist government almost ceased to exist until it allowed for people to make a living outside the constraints of pure communism. Before that, china had no middle class. Now there middle class is growing at a staggering rate. Communism in that country will not sustain, it will cease to exist in my life time because freedom demands it.

Russia’s old government (aka USSR) ceased to exist because communism is anti-personal growth. For years that country struggle after the fall of communism for several reasons, chief among them, no one knew how to be responsible for themselves.

Even though England, France, and Canada not considered communist states, they have been infected with far left progressive liberal philosophies and their country’s are bleeding to death from within due to entitlements, in healthcare, schooling, job guarantees and in taxes. Each of those countries know they cannot sustain their current way of governance. The only way they can for a longer period of time is to take more from each citizen. Who are already taxed above 50% of there earnings. Each of those countries are beginning to realize because of entitlements their countries are quickly becoming communist “light” styled countries. And each of those countries in the next 10 to 15 years knows they either must tax their citizens 75% to 85% of GNP (to death) or go into a recession even worse then the 1920s. The Euro has helped delay that inevitable problem but only by twenty to thirty years, and each of them knew it back then.

So what are they doing to change? They are coming here and studying how America does/did it. While at the same time some people in and outside our government are going over there to see how they got away with making their countries communist light. Because socialized healthcare does look good on paper. Hell I’ll even admit that communism looks good on paper. Everyone working for the betterment of the whole, no one wants, needs or greed’s over another. That reads wonderfully. Yet there is a problem with it in practice. It goes against human nature, first and foremost because it takes away the drive to better oneself, unless of course you are the leader then you can do whatever you want. And second, its damn expensive, because nothing on this planet is free! Nothing. Everything must be worked for, or paid for… no in-between, either in cash, blood, or in chains.

If we give our healthcare to the government they will have us by the short hairs, no ifs ands or butts. They have us. If we allow the government to take over corporations to redistribute their “excessive” profits, and make them state owned. Where does the government stop? (Hugo Chavis is doing that right now in Venezuela.) I mean why go to school to learn that trade because you already know you aint ever gonna make millions., so now the government must demand some learn that industry, even if it goes against their dreams… (Russia is a recent example of that practice)

And lastly, who wants to pay 75% of our earned income, to people we will never meet, who decided to be lazy then decided they like what we have earned. All they have to do is elect the people who will take from us, so they can get just as much out of society as we do. It matters not to liberal/progressives communist we have worked our whole lives to improve ourselves and our kid’s future. I mean this entire country… They care not, they want it because its their communist dream to give everyone a life of pure hell. But I have worked to hard and love this country to much, I cannot lay down… I can’t do it… I just can’t. Which means I won’t.

So the question becomes, who among us wants this life style? I mean lets get it out in the open. Those of you who support this agenda to make the United States a communist style country, without question you are my enemy. With complete peace of mind I stand tall and say that out loud. You are my enemy.

I believe everyone has the right to have any opinion they want, truly I do, I cherish our Constitution. However, when opinions become actions, and actions change structure, it is actions that need to be dealt with. This country will not fall silently into the night. The beliefs I was raised to cherish will not burn in infamy upon the alter of communism who now call themselves liberal progressives. Because if not me, then who? If not now, then when?

This next election cycle is the most important in over a hundred and fifty years. Not only for who becomes President, but for Congress as well.

It is a fact we are losing our country to both political parties and that they are damned, not because of special interests and extreme minority opinions that have deep wallets. But because of our laziness. Our founding fathers gave us a way to change our government, and even told us it was our duty. Sadly many have been raised at home, or taught in elementary, junior high, high school, and colleges around the country, everyone owes them something, instead of owning yourself. I however was raised to work hard, defend myself and my family. And love this country and the promises it gives for a better life to all. Now I look around and I see a country I don’t recognize, one that is becoming nothing I was taught to believe in. I want our country back… Do you?

Our founding fathers only had 35% of the population who believed in their cause, and still a great nation was born from hard work and sacrifice. Make no mistake… Shots are being fired across the bow from those who seek to weaken at least, and destroy at best, the ideals that have sustained this nation for well over two hundred years. They call themselves progressives or new liberals, but a communist under any different name is still a communist. I can hear the shoe pounding on the table… Remember the old Russia promised to destroy this great country from within.

I am prepared to fight back, if need be… Because I am willing to defend my beliefs… Question is, are you even if you are on the opposite side of me?

Is America heading towards civil war?

Yes I believe it is… What's your answer?

Until Next Time…

Charles Marcello

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