‘America’s Next Top Model’ All-Star Cast Announced; Alexandria is Back

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 will be mixing things up with an all-loser—er, all-star—cast. Tyra Banks has asked 14 previous ANTM contenders to return for another chance at competing to win the top prize.

They’ll fight it out—probably quite literally, knowing the chosen few—to get their second chance at a Cover Girl $100,000 contract, among other prizes.

So who did Tyra Banks choose? One girl from every cycle except for three, six, seven, and eight.

FAUX FUR & BABY JAGUAR - ALEXANDRIA from America's Next Top Model cycle 16Here are your ANTM Cycle 17 all-stars:

Shannon from Cycle 1: She famously refused to bare it all for the camera. What won’t she do this time around?

Camille from Cycle 2: Camille didn’t get along with the other contestants because of her bad attitude. This seems to be the theme of this “all-star” cast.

Brittany from Cycle 4: Brittany had short-term memory problems, but she had some rocking photographs. Even though she landed in fourth place, she has a shot this time around, if she can land at least one go-see, unlike in ANTM cycle 4.

Bre from Cycle 5: She’s had trouble with the law since her America’s Next Top Model début, and she couldn’t handle criticism back during her modelling stint. (Then again, she was never all that good.) Chances are, she won’t go far.

Lisa from Cycle 5: Quirky and crazy Lisa now has a music career. Is she just showing up to promote herself?

Bianca from Cycle 9: Bianca has a fierce and famous temper, which is probably one of the only reasons she’ll be back. After all, what’s ANTM without drama?

Dominique from Cycle 10: Back in cycle 10, Dominique’s face couldn’t take make-up, according to judge Nigel Barker, so what’s changed? Chances are, she also still has an attitude problem.

Isis from Cycle 11: She didn’t do well when she first competed, but Isis was the first transgender contestant, adding a bit of diversity to the mix.

Sheena from Cycle 11: This girl has some spunk, but can she bring it in front of the camera this time around? She’s one of the few likeable cast for America’s Next Top Model All-Stars.

Allison from Cycle 12: Here’s hoping Allison has broken out of her shell. She has a unique look, with her large eyes, that almost got her the top prize, and she’ll be serious competition.

Laura from Cycle 13: This southern beauty is another sweetheart, but is she fierce enough to handle this high-drama household? Here’s hoping that she too can hold her own this time around.

Angelea from Cycle 14: Sense a theme? Yet another high-drama bitchy character that rarely takes a good shot.

Kayla from Cycle 15: Tyra Banks threw even more diversity into the mix by inviting Kayla, a lesbian, back to ANTM. She’s another likeable one, and here’s hoping, again, that she has the confidence needed to win.

Alexandra from Cycle 16: Really Tyra, really? No one liked this chick, and it was great when she was finally eliminated in Morocco. Her fake personality oozed every time she spoke, but apparently, that’s the kind of show Tyra wants.

While all of these girls, except for Isis, placed well in their respective cycles, it was rarely because of their pictures. It had to do with the drama they brought to the show. So it’ll be interesting to see how far—or not—they’ve come.

Who has the best shot at winning? Previous ANTM runner-ups of course, like Shannon and Allison. But there’s 12 other girls who have had plenty of time to practice… and become more likeable.

ANTM Cycle 17 premieres in Fall 2011. Until then, the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 chooses a winner on May 18, 2011.

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