‘America’s Next Top Model’ Judge Rob Evans Wanted by the Police

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Fans of America’s Next Top Model having been complaining about Rob Evans replacing famed model and photographer Nigel Barker on their favorite reality show. Now they have something to back up their doubts. That’s because Evans has a warrant out for his arrest.

The model, who Tyra Banks continues to claim is the “sexiest male model in the world”, hasn’t played well with all of Top Model’s audience. A lot of fans aren’t happy that the supposed eye candy replaced a man with real talent and a lot more sex appeal — Nigel Barker. No doubt they’ll be happy to know their doubts about Evans hold some validity. He’s wanted by the police as a suspect in a case of assault and battery case.

The crime went down months ago, in May. Supposedly, Evans was communicating with authorities in the beginning but has since ceased doing so. That’s why the cops want to talk to him now. However, they haven’t dispatched a team to drag him in as some reports have indicated.

Rob Evans faces two counts; one for “battery with serious injury” and one for “assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury”. Since the man is a former boxer, one can see why such charges are possible. His original bail was set at $150,000.

Little specifics are known about the charges, what actually happened or why Evans stopped communicating with the police. His representative refused further comment.

Tyra Banks may have effectively destroyed her show with the overhaul changes she made this year and her bad cast choices. Interest in America’s Next Top Model has greatly waned and much is attributed to those changes. Maybe it’s time for her to hang up the Top Model sign and move on to something else. She’s tried acting, music, singing, dancing and writing. Maybe she needs to develop her own fashion line. After all, everyone else is doing it.

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