‘America’s Next Top Model’ Lisa D’Amato Gets Married

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There’s a bride in the America’s Next Top Model house; figuratively anyway. It is all-star winner, Lisa D’Amato. The sometimes controversial 29-year-old model finally married her long-time love, Adam Friedman. Here’s the scoop.

According to US Weekly, the happy duo exchanged long-awaited vows at the Hollywood Castle. There were plenty of Lisa’s cohorts in attendance too. They included Alexandria Everett and Bre Scullark. Both girls also vied for the all-star crown along with Angelea Preston.

Many believe the latter model actually won the all-star competition but got kicked out at the last-minute because of scandal. If that’s true, it means Lisa took the title by default. How she won it, however, seems of little consequence. She’s been taking advantage of her new-found fame by modeling and working on her singing career.

Lisa told US Weekly, “Today was wickedly magical. I’m overjoyed and blessed to have found my soul mate and have a celebration that includes our close friends and family.”

No doubt, Lisa’s fans also wish her well. The America’s Next Top Model all-star is a hard-working, hard-playing girl who deserves a shot at happiness.

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