‘America’s Next Top Model’ Recap: Alicia Keys Runway Show and Cheerleader Photos

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America’s Next Top Model College Edition may be full of college students, but that doesn’t stop them from acting like they’re still in high school. When Leila isn’t being accused of being obsessed with Laura (which is Laura basically being obsessed with herself) and being teased by a lot of the girls, she’s worried about how she’s doing in challenges. The judges love her fierce look in photo shoots, but is that enough to stay in this competition?

Alicia Keys charity fashion show for Keep a Child Alive
For this week’s ANTM College Edition challenge, the girls get a wake-up call, literally, from Alicia Keys. They’re walking in her fashion show, designs care of Mara Hoffman, and whoever wins gets to join Alicia Keys on her latest tour.

Alicia Keys at the Walmart Shareholders Meeting 2011As team leader, Laura is tasked with making decisions about all the girls’ hair, makeup, and styling. She falters a bit, but that’s besides the point. Because those in attendance at this America’s Next Top Model fashion show are bidding on what the girls are wearing and how they present themselves. Leila doesn’t move her arms on the runway, but it’s actually Allyssa who gets the worst score. Of the top girls, it’s amazingly Kiara who pulls off the win. Guess that’s appropriate considering she was the girl who sang to Alicia Keys.

ANTM photo shoot: Act like a model while cheerleading
With some help from choreographer Jonte’, the girls are tasked with becoming sassy top model cheerleaders. They’re thrown in the air and expected to strike an awesome pose. Some fall flat, at least in terms of their photos.

For the first time ever, Nastasia lands top photo after jumping the highest and striking lots of good poses that Tyra Banks could choose from. All of the judges loved her energy and how she owned the moment with her fierce look.

Runner-up was a surprising Laura, despite her fear of heights and crying on set. (It helps that the fans, who gave her a 5.69 fan vote, didn’t see those tears). Still, she finished with a good broken doll pose, even if Rob Evans says she looks like a little girl got angry and threw her Barbie doll in the air.

Kristin was in her element since she used to be a cheerleader, so she once again ended up near the top. But not everyone cared for her glamorous shot. While Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans scored her shot a 9 and 10 respectively, Tyra Banks thought she was only being a cheerleader, not a model, and gave her a 6.

Kiara is again in the middle of the pack with her good body position but an awkward face. Surprisingly Victoria followed her, despite having a pose that looked more model than cheerleader. Then again, Kelly said she looked like she was a middle-aged man about to take a nap.

Yvonne is improving the control she has over her body, but she still needs to work on the fan votes. Allyssa too is in the middle of the road with her fans. But despite the fact that Kelly Cutrone says she looks like a show pony at a carnival gone bad, she wasn’t in the bottom two.

But two of the sweetest girls, Leila and Brittany, were. Brittany was overthinking too much, but she just needs to focus on making her Disney persona shine. Meanwhile, Leila has always been high fashion, but she needs to bring that attitude to the challenges too. So who stays and who goes?

With a 0.5 advantage in the fan vote, Brittany stays and the gap-toothed beauty Leila gets sent packing into the comeback series. As Bryanboy tearfully says of Leila, “She was my favorite girl.” If she’s yours, be sure to go and vote for her so she can come back to the ANTM competition.

America’s Next Top Model airs on the CW Friday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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