‘America’s Next Top Model’ Recap: Victoria Freaks Out, But Does She Go Home?

It’s America’s Next Top Model College Edition week seven, “The Girl Who Licks the Floor,” and the girls are feeling the pressure, no one more than Victoria. She doesn’t have the desire to eat, and everyone thinks she’s starting to crack. But the show must go on, and Victoria still claims she wants to win.

Tyra Banks 2012 Shankbone 3Challenge: Random acts of modeling
Since it’s the College Edition, the girls are taking a road trip to Palm Springs. Along the way they’re charged with taking three pit stops for some photo shoots. They’re supposed to do everyday things but still look like a model. The two teams get mixed reviews, and it’s actually no fault of Victoria’s. She’s determined to be her weird self — but this time, it just isn’t enough.

ANTM team one — including Laura, Kristen, Brittany, and Allyssa — had the Nylon look with their personal style, despite an ill-advised stop at a wind mill farm. They do better than Kiara, Nastasia, and Victoria though, and so they win. Laura, yet again, wins the challenge.

Photo shoot: Caught off guard after a night out
The America’s Next Top Model girls are looking damaged in this photo shoot with photographer Douglas Friedman. As Tyra Banks says, it’s a “stank girl photo shoot,” or method modeling. But before the results come in, the girls of the house have a thing or two to say to Victoria: she should go home.

This comment isn’t because Victoria is weird, or that she calls her mom bawling almost every week, but because she’s clearly not healthy. She’s barely eating, but she works out like crazy. They think she’s withering away, and they even tell Tyra Banks so. The host has said it before and she says it again: if Victoria has a problem, she won’t be staying on the show, and she’ll be keeping an eye on her.

Who gets the ANTM top photo?
“The Girl Who Licked The Floor” was a good episode for most of the girls, and a new girl finally rose to the top for best photo. Nastasia impressed the judges with her shower shot , since she looked long and lean. But still, was it really top photo? The shot wasn’t nearly as “banging,” as Tyra Banks said, as Laura’s photo last week. Unlike Laura last week, she had no amazing angles. She just looked pretty.

Brittany got runner up. She was finally modeling head to toe. And even as a sweet pure girl, she looked stanky too.

Kristin came next for her stellar face while she poured gallons of milk all over herself. Through it all, she sold the clothes. Too bad the ANTM judges didn’t hear her complaints about doing a shoot with five gallons of milk.

Victoria creates a character for herself again, pretending she lost her virginity. Johnny Wujek is a bit disturbed, but once again he’s impressed by how she handles herself on set. Tyra Banks is too, since Victoria stands out on an amazing bathroom set.

Kiara came next for her dumpster dive pose. Her long body is shown off, but it still looks like a bit of a crime scene — but how could it not when she’s in a dumpster?

That leaves the top-photo grabber Laura and middle-of-the-road Allyssa in the bottom two.

Tyra is shocked to see Laura in the bottom after her weeks at the top, proving again that this judging system isn’t fool proof. But Tyra is also upset that Allyssa is in the bottom, and not just because Allyssa went all out during this photo shoot, even licking the floor. Tyra somehow identifies with Allyssa, saying they’re both “fiercely real” models.

So who goes home? Laura stays, which makes sense, and Allyssa is eliminated. But again, like last week, you wouldn’t know it based on the way Laura cried and Allyssa stayed dry. This was an interesting elimination more so because Tyra Banks herself actually teared up, and that’s never really happened on ANTM. But who knows, maybe that’s a sign Allyssa will be the one girl who comes back.

America’s Next Top Model airs on CW Fridays at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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