‘America’s Next Top Model’ Recap: Video Game Stunts and Steampunk Photo Shoot

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With only eight girls left on America’s Next Top Model, some girls are rising to the challenge, while others are letting the pressure get to them. While Laura is determined to stay focus on winning, instead of petty fights like last week, Yvonne decides it’s about time she complained about the long days. “We’re product, not people,” she laments, and it’s the beginning of her end.

Christine Teigen 2012 ShankboneChallenge: Bring a video game character to life
Yvonne doesn’t get how she’s supposed to “model” while filming a video game sequence, but then again that’s why she ends up with one of the lowest challenge scores. Meanwhile, Laura, Kristin, and even Brittany impress the judges (Taylor Kurosaki and model Chrissy Teigen) with their stunt moves. But only one gets to be in a video game, including their taunt, and that girl is Laura.

Steampunk photo shoot: Underground fashion
While Laura is kicking butt on America’s Next Top Model College Edition, Victoria is struggling with her challenges, and she goes crying to mamma. She’s not the only one; Yvonne is, yet again, complaining about having to wait on set while everyone does their photos.

Yvonne makes it even worse when she makes a face on set, which sets off an argument with Bryanboy. She later apologizes, but really it seems like she’s just trying to momentarily save herself. But how did the other girls do?

Surprisingly at this late stage in the ANTM game, not many did all that well—well, other than Laura, who again got top photo. She made some stunning shapes with her body, and it’s a beautiful ugly pretty. Even the fans are wowed. And best of all, she gets 10s across the board from the judges.

Brittany may have fell flat last week, but this steampunk photo shoot is a new day. As such, she killed it on set with a fierceness never seen in her before. Still, Kelly Cutrone found reason to dislike it. But who cares when Tyra Banks calls herself a “proud big sister”? Brittany is finally a rising star.

Allyssa came next, but it was no thanks to her face. Her twisted and awesome body language saved her this week on Top Model.

Kristin is, finally, losing fan support. And this week, it’s not hard to see why. She let her fear of the owl get to her; she may have had a striking face, at least according to Tyra and Rob Evans, but her body looked incredibly wooden.

It only gets worse from there. Kiara falls flat again with the fans, because they’re tired of her doing the same thing week after week. Kelly Cutrone says she looks like a 32-year-old woman. The only saving grace are her long legs.

Nastasia eked by this week, too, as she continues to struggle with making herself look tall. Still, she has a strong and intense body, and as such, she’s gaining momentum with fans unlike most of the other girls.

That left quirky Victoria and angry Yvonne in the bottom. Victoria is, clearly, distraught about her position, but Yvonne looks like she couldn’t be happier. According to Tyra Banks, Victoria used to take such wonderful risks, but now she’s playing it safe in her photos. Meanwhile, Yvonne is letting her anger shine through with each snapshot.

Thankfully, Yvonne got her wish and got sent home. Then again, you wouldn’t have known it by the way she smiled and Victoria shed a whole bunch of tears.

America’s Next Top Model College Edition airs on CW Friday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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