‘America’s Next Top Model’ Recap: Who calls home crying?

America’s Next Top Model College Edition may be changing things up, what with the fans having a say in who is eliminated, but some things never change. There will always be some craziness and cat fighting.

This week, on ANTM “The Girl Who Cries Home,” that drama belonged in part to Destiny and Kiara arguing about whether being called a “stripper” is constructive criticism. All the girls too started to turn, behind her back, on Victoria; that’s because they don’t get her incredibly close relationship to her mom, especially after she calls her mom and bawls for no apparent reason.

Tyra Banks 2012 Shankbone 3But back to what’s different this time around. Whoever wins best photo, and this week the challenge, gets to stay in Tyra’s “suite,” as well as get $10,000 deposited in a college scholarship fund. But they only get that money if they win America’s Next Top Model. And who will win this college edition is anyone’s guess.

In challenge number one, the ANTM College Edition girls are tasked with strutting and dancing down a runway. Afterwards, they’re judged by choreographer Jonte’. Few do a fabulous job, but Victoria thinks her walk is groundbreaking. Still, this challenge belongs to Yvonne and her high leg kick.

Then comes the photo shoot as hinted at by Youtube’s Patrique. The girls become mounted dead animals, meaning they only have their face to rely on. Johnny Wujek directs the shoot, and 90120’s Shenae Grimes works as the photographer.

Then when it comes to judging, a whole new ANTM scoring system is announced. The girls have three scores: from their runway challenge, the judges, and the fans online (as put together by social media consultant Bryanboy). Whoever has the lowest all-together score is the girl who gets sent home.

The best college girl overall ends up being Leila. She lands a perfect 10 from the judges, but the fans loved her unicorn vibe and good attitude too. Next comes the firework Nastasia, who goes for it and lands a respectable average 8 score from the judges, so even a low 4.6 vote from the fans can’t bring her down — yet.

Brittany might have a lot of attitude, but she looks great. That’s why the judges like her, but she still has to win over the fans who are already bashing her for no real good reason at all.

Laura might look a bit blank, but the light hits her perfectly, and she’s easily through to the next round.

Kristin may be the bitch of the group, who only knows how to play the part of the pretty girl, but the judges like her animalistic attitude, and with a social media vote of 6.7, her fans like her too. Kiara has the same — yet opposite — problem. She’s relying on her pretty looks too but the fans don’t like her nearly as much.

Yvonne needs to figure out her angles if she’s going to continue rising in the ranks, both in the eyes of the Top Model judges and fans.

Allyssa’s dead but intense look seems to put her squarely in the middle of the pack.

Victoria has a weird style that the fans like, but she’s also a bit too intense. Still, Tyra Banks thinks she’s a pissed-off angry fierce, which is supposed to be a compliment.

Darian’s braids put her at the bottom of the pack, but she’s safe too. As is Harvard gal Maria, despite not looking like a model at all.

That leaves the bottom two to Destiny and Jessie. Neither have cookie cutter looks, but their photos were incredibly plain. Destiny’s score is slightly better with the judges, despite being a one-look wonder already, compared to Jessie.

Yet Jessie’s lack of intensity didn’t wow the fans online, and so she’s sent home.

But she’s not really. Since fan votes were taken weeks ago, and so as not to make it obvious who is eliminated week after week, Jessie is participating in the comeback series. Everyone eliminated will still take all the photos, and the one with the best fan votes after six weeks returns to the competition.

America’s Next Top Model may be changing the definition of fierce this season, but at least fans now have somewhat of a say. The reality competition airs on Friday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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