‘America’s Next Top Model’ Recap: Who Wins The ‘College Edition’?

America’s Next Top Model College Edition is over. So did Leila, the high-fashion gap-toothed girl, who won it all? Or, curvy Laura ready to make a name for herself? Or, athletic Kiara with the difficult past? Tyra Banks’s modeling competition finale took a slightly different spin this time around: all three girls got to walk in the runway, and the photo shoots were just quickly highlighted.

In the end, the judges deliberated to come up with a score based on their whole portfolio, and other things were factored in too, like social media and past photo scores.

Nine West photo shoot
Once again the ANTM girls had a real client — Nine West — but the shoot wasn’t without some drama. Kelly Cutrone and photographer Jez Smith traded jabs, with Cutrone asking, “Can someone ask him to not speak to me like this?”

ANTM 19 - Finale - Final 3Despite that, Laura’s photo was declared “frigging slamming” by Tyra Banks. Leila, too, got some good marks; her photo was, as Tyra said, as if high fashion went on a date with commercial. But Kiara looked like she was just chilling out and resting, and she had a pea-sized head. But that photo was just one consideration.

Nylon magazine photo shoot
It wouldn’t be America’s Next Top Model if the girls didn’t get a taste of what it would be like to win. Even though only one girl gets the Nylon magazine spread, all three finalists got to take some pictures. While all of them did decently well, it was only Leila who got the best compliment. The fashion director thought she looked the most Nylon. But as ANTM fans know, compliments like that sometimes don’t count for much.

Haunted runway at Jamaica’s Rose Hall
The creeptastic haunted runway show was led by last cycle’s Top Model winner Sophie, but she was far from the main event of the night. Laura disappointed with her slow walk and one hand clenched at her side. Kiara actually rocked it with her swinging hips (despite almost having an anxiety attack backstage). But it was Leila who got the most attention when she fell down the stairs… and then fell again at the end of the runway.

She was ready to explain herself to the judges, but Kelly Cutrone wouldn’t hear it, saying, “you either do it, or you don’t.”

The judges deliberate
Throughout ANTM Cycle 19 College Edition, all of the girls had things going for them. Leila, clearly, is the most high fashion of them all. Kiara rose from the ashes and ended the competition on a wonderful high note. Laura started really strong but seemed to falter when Leila was brought back. So who wins?

America’s Next Top Model is Laura James.

Do you think Laura should have won? Leila could have won, had she had a better runway walk. But then Kiara could have won too, had she started stronger earlier on, especially with her social media scores.

Laura, though, to the judges, had the best overall package, and that’s why she took home the top prize.

Photo credit: Angelo Sgambeti/The CW via Flickr

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