‘America’s Next Top Model’ ‘The Guy Who Gets a Weave’ review: Sexy photo shoots

On “America’s Next Top Model,” things are heating up even more, as if that’s even possible. Hormones may be to blame, but so is the fact that no one has privacy in the model home. But for one person, it’s not so much fun; Cory feels like he’s back in high school. But everyone needs to embrace the sexual tension this week on “ANTM.” That’s because, on “The Guy Who Gets a Weave,” which aired August 16, the remaining 14 finalists were tasked with making some chemistry, even if they didn’t feel it.

It helps that Tyra Banks and Rob Evans gives them three pointers for chemistry: fresh breath, tension, and inhaling. That’s good advice and all, but will it really help when the finalists are posing with either Rob Evans or Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, two beautiful — and intimidating — models?

Tyra BanksAfter their sexy fierce shoots, the “America’s Next Top Model” finalists were given their makeovers. As usual, there were a few tears, such as from Cory after his head was shaved. And then there were some entertaining moments, like the guys getting “manscaped” and Phil with a wavy weave that makes him look like “Jesus/Surfer/Tarzan.” Otherwise, the hair updates were pretty standard as some got platinum hair, others went darker, and Kanani got a very cute pixie cut.

But when it comes down to it, it’s not about the makeovers. “ANTM” is about being a good model, or at least taking a good shot. In this fiercely sexy shoot, most were just middle of the road. Phil didn’t give enough of a “booch.” Jeremy looks a bit like an ape (according to judge Kelly Cutrone of course). Marvin looks like a high school boy who snuck into a whorehouse (Kelly again, of course).

And the same went for the girls; both Chlea and Nina just didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves. Other girls, like Renee and Kanani, acted disconnected. Other boys relied too much on their looks too, like Don, who just slouched in his elevator photo.

Despite those critiques, there were some bright moments during the “ANTM” photo shoots. Jiana had a stunning face (even if her positioning was slightly off). Chris H. too impressed. But it was Mike, who truly won the judges over, despite struggling on set. He found one moment, and Tyra Banks clearly is already a fan.

So, obviously, Mike won the photo shoot. Jiana came in runner-up, followed by Jourdan. As for the bottom two, they were, unsurprisingly, Don and Chlea. But it was Don who has wowed more in his photos than Chlea, and he gets another chance.

What did you think of Chlea’s elimination, especially after her fun makeover?

“America’s Next Top Model” airs on CW Fridays at 9 p.m. EDT.

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