‘America’s Next Top Model’s’ Nigel Barker Not Suprised He Got Fired

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America’s Next Top Model’s (ANTM) Nigel Barker says he wasn’t surprised when word came down he’d been fired. In fact, he claims he’s been on the chopping block before, but survived. So why didn’t he survive this time?

It’s all about the ratings. ANTM’s have gone down in the last couple of seasons. This year’s British Invasion, whereby Brits competed against Americans, hasn’t brought in the big numbers the show hoped for. In fact, anything but that has occurred. People seem bored with the show’s current format. That’s why Tyra Banks and producers think a real shake-up is needed. Unfortunately, that meant that three mainstays of past seasons—Nigel Barker and the two Jay’s—had to go.

However, Barker believes the writing was on the wall. The fact he survived talks in the past of his elimination was a miracle. Sooner or later, luck had to lose out. Nigel holds no ill will toward Tyra or the producers. In fact, he admits the extra time will free him up to do other projects he couldn’t do before.

“We’re looking at producing and directing a number of projects,” Barker said. “There are several scripts we’re looking at right now.” While he wasn’t specific about what the projects might entail, he says he’d like to do something creative with his photography.

Speaking about America’s Next Top Model, Nigel Barker said, “we had an incredible run and there aren’t any hard feelings.”

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