Amsterdam Hopes to Boost Chances of 2028 Olympics By Hosting 2016 European Athletics Championships

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Amsterdam will be hosting the 2016 European Athletics Championships at the same venue where the port city hosted the 1928 Olympics. This marks the first time Amsterdam has ever hosted the games, and the Dutch capitol beat out Istanbul and Split in its competition to host the event. Amsterdam will simply be hosting outdoor events, however, which also marks the first time Holland has ever hosted an outdoor competition of this nature.

The European capital, unfortunately only known to many foreigners for its liberal drug and prostitution policies (and not for the many other wonderful cultural things people can find within its borders) hopes that this bid will help its campaign to host the Olympics in 2028, for which the city is hoping to win. This would mark the 100 year anniversary of the city’s hosting of the Olympic games.

The European Athletics Championships will be held partly in the Olympic Stadium where the 1928 Olympics were held. Hopefully, this will bring world attention to the city for other things besides weed and sex.

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