Amy Locane Arrested For Drunk Driving – Charged With Murder!

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Sounds like a story fit for a script of Melrose Place, but this time it is real life. One of the stars of the original Melrose Place series was arrested and charged earlier today. Amy Locane, Sandy from the 1990s Melrose Place, was arrested on Sunday night after hitting another car. She was under the influence of alcohol at the time, and a passenger in the other car was killed in the crash.

This was not the only accident she was involved in last night. She also rear ended a car in Princeton. She admitted to police on scene that she’d had several glasses of wine. Her charges as of now are second degree vehicular homicide and third degree assault with a car.

She smashed into the passenger side of the other car with her Chevy Tahoe, killing Helen Seeman. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Her husband, Fred Seeman, was rushed to the hospital. Bail has been set for the actress and mother of two at $50,000. If convicted, Amy Locane could spend five to ten years in prison. For more of my celebrity news, go here.

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