Amy Poehler to Direct ‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 4 Sweeps Episode

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Amy Poehler will be directing an upcoming episode of Parks and Recreation during sweeps week in May. What does executive producer Mike Schur think about this? “It’s f—ing great,” he announced of the episode, which was also written by Poehler. “It’s an awesome, funny script.”

The episode will be the twentieth of the season, and will depict a debate between Poehler’s character Leslie Knope and an unknown opponent in the race for city council. The only other detail that has been revealed is that Pawnee TV personality Perd Hapley will moderate the debate.

Fans will no doubt be excited to see how Amy Poehler fares behind the Parks and Recreation cameras. She has certainly established herself as a hilarious personality in front of them, in addition to her contributions as producer and writer. Viewership for the show hasn’t been stellar (it ranked #116 last season), and the mysterious fate of other NBC sitcoms (hello, Community?) is definitely disconcerting. Yet Amy Poehler has established herself as a force in the world of tv comedy, and it’s likely her directorial début can mean nothing but good things for the show. If you’re a fan of Amy Poehler, vote for Knope during sweeps week in May.

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