Amy Winehouse Biography not to be Written by Reg Traviss

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Amy Winehouse has been gone for a while now, but the wounds she left behind have yet to heal. Her friends, family and her fans are still in shock that the 27-year-old jazz singer is dead. Still, people are trying to capitalize like vultures off of the young, troubled woman’s demise.

Fortunately, Reg Traviss isn’t going to have any part of this sideshow the vultures are wanting to make of Amy’s life. The Amy Winehouse biography will not be penned by him, and he turned down a $1 Million in the process. Good for him for sticking to his principles. However, in the future he wants to make a film homage to the late singer, whom he loved dearly. Until then, no books are going to be written because he wants to keep the details of their relationship private. The wounds are far too raw for this man, who probably just needs to be left alone to mourn like the rest of those she left behind.

Amy Winehouse definitely impacted those around her who actually knew her, perhaps far more than those who found meaning in her music. Certainly her fans will want to read any book that is written about her, but it must be understood that she struggled, and Reg Traviss struggled right beside her as he tried to save her life. He wasn’t able too, and he’s lost the woman he loved. Why try to offer him money to capitalize off of the death of something so deep and hurtful?


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