Amy Winehouse: Boob Job Gone Bad?

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Amy Winehouse got a boob job — at least that’s what the entire Internet is reporting. And she apparently thought they were going to actually explode over the weekend. Here’s the story:

Saturday night, Winehouse appeared as backup for her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield on BBC1’s show Strictly Come Dancing. She was dancing oddly — allegedly sober — and left the stage screaming, “I need to see someone, my boobs are f*cking killing me!” Well, that sounds like the Amy we know! It’s even reported that she stopped for fried chicken at Nando’s en route, as she doesn’t like hospital food. Winehouse was readmitted to the same hospital where she got the implants and was kept overnight for observation.

All the reports I’ve read say she’s gone from a 32B to a 32D. What I can tell you is that I happen to have this exact same bra Amy’s wearing in this shot (it’s an awesome bra — check it out, ladies). It is NOT padded, and her breasts seem clearly larger than before. So I’m gonna have to say I believe all the rumors. I just don’t think boobs alone can resurrect Winehouse’s career.

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