Amy Winehouse Dead: Boyfriend Reg Traviss Talks About Losing Amy

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Reg Traviss, Amy Winehouse’s last boyfriend, opens up to The Sun about the hell he’s been through since she was found dead. He also gives the world a glimpse of how Amy’s physical and mental health was during their 18 month relationship.

Traviss, a movie director, is understandably AmyWinehouseBerlin2007going through a tough period now that Amy’s passed on. He says that “the last three days have been hell.” Who could blame him for saying that? When someone you love dearly passes it hurts, but it hurts harder when it’s an unexpected passing and you cannot properly say goodbye to them.

Traviss claims that Amy was full of life and looking forward to attending a wedding on Sunday. Reg said that she had laid out several dresses in preparation for the wedding.

Instead of going to the wedding, everyone will come to her funeral.

Reg gives everyone a glimpse of how Amy was mentally and physically as well. He says that Amy had “been full of life and so upbeat recently, exercising everyday and doing yoga.”

This is a stark contrast to the last performance in Belgrade where she was so out of it that she was booed off the stage. If she was upbeat and full of life, then what happened that night? Did she drink a bit much, perhaps due to nerves? We may never know why she was so out of it that night, unfortunately. She deserved a better last performance than that to have the world remember her by, too.

According to a source close to the family, Reg was a “good guy” and he was looked upon favorably by Amy’s parents. Instead of being another enabler addict, he worked to keep Amy sober.

“When Reg was around, Amy was a different girl; he was a calming influence and kept her away from trouble … he really cared for her,” said the insider.

This is exactly the influence she needed in her life. It sounds like he was perfect for her and did love her deeply. Unfortunately, while he was at work, the negative influences in her life came back and took her off track once more.

It’s not known if Reg was working when Amy passed away. It’s also not known what caused her death. The autopsy was inconclusive and the toxicology reports could be out for weeks yet. Unfortunately, the authorities are treating the death as a drug-related incident.

Whatever caused her untimely passing, it’s clear that she left behind a family and boyfriend that loved her deeply.

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