Amy Winehouse Dead: Death Likely Not Result of Drugs

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Amy Winehouse was found dead earlier in her London apartment. Most fans had assumed that her passing is a result of her troubles with drugs. However, Perez Hilton reports that drugs were unlikely to have caused her death. This news may come as a shock to most who had presumed when she went it’d be as a result of drug abuse.

AmyWinehouseBerlin2007Sources close to Amy report that she had given up all the “hardcore” drugs, but was drinking a lot in the recent months. Her history of drug abuse did take its toll on her system, though. It seems that they destroyed her nervous system and as a result when she drank she’d go into a seizure. It seems that the drinking was ruining her body nearly as much as the drugs did.

These seizures were a regular occurrence, which Amy had been warned about from doctors, but she still chose to drink heavily. Amy had her vices as many do; only hers seem to have been the cause of her passing much too soon.

The autopsy, which will show the official cause of death, has yet to be performed. Officials have reported that they don’t feel that foul play was involved in her death.

Whatever the cause, the world has lost a troubled soul much too soon. Amy was just 27 years old.

Are you surprised to hear that it likely was not a drug overdose? Weigh in below.

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