Amy Winehouse death causes jokes about ‘Rehab’

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After the world learned that Amy Winehouse had died, several people began tweeting about her, causing her hit song Rehab to trend on Twitter. While details are still emerging about the tragic news, fans have been tweeting their condolences, but plenty of people have been making a joke out of this.

“RIP AmAmy Winehouse - Virgin Festivaly Winehouse you should have gone to rehab but you said no, no, no,” tweeted one person. “Amy Winehouse was found dead at her flat in London. Rest in peace Amy. You are now going to a rehab. A permanent one,” wrote another.

This sad occasion is certainly not something to laugh about, regardless of the irony of her popular song. The 27-year-old Grammy winner certainly had a problem with addiction and it very well may have killed her in the end. It’s absolutely tragic and the jokes are so lame.

It is believed by many that her death was either suicide or an overdose.

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