Amy Winehouse Death: Kelly Osbourne Accused of Failing to Help Her

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After Amy Winehouse’s untimely death, her grief-stricken friend Kelly Osbourne was attacked on Twitter for not having given the doomed singer enough help and support. Ouch.

Kelly Osbourne tweeted about the death of her friend:

“I can’t even breath right my now. I’m crying so hard. I just lost one of my best friends. I love you forever Amy and will never forget the real you!”

A Twitter user known as @normapon later replied to Kelly’s post with a message accusing her of “not doing enough for Amy Winehouse to save her from her drug addiction.” Needless to say, Osbourne went ballistic.

Furious, Kelly Osbourne tweeted back:

“@normapon are you f****** kidding me you have NO idea what you are talking about! it would be in your best interest to shut the f*** up!”

An hour later, she posted what will apparently be her last tweet at least for a while.

“i miss my friend! im going to be off twitter for a while thank you for all your support! #pray4amy”

Wow. Poor Kelly Osbourne. As if losing her friend in such an untimely and senseless manner isn’t bad enough, someone actually has the unmitigated gall to try to make her feel guilty about her friend’s death.

Once and for all, there’s nothing Kelly Osbourne or anyone else could have done to save her friend—short of locking her up in rehab against her will, and even that probably wouldn’t have made any difference. Winehouse had just completed a voluntary stint in rehab in May 2011. Obviously her sobriety didn’t last.

Any death is a tragedy. An absurd death like Amy Winehouse’s is doubly tragic, but neither Kelly Osbourne nor anyone else could have prevented it. Drug addicts are what they are, and most never change. They die that way. Sadly, Amy Winehouse conformed to the pattern.

Shame on you, @normapon. Hang in, Kelly Osbourne. R.I.P., Amy Winehouse.

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