Amy Winehouse Ex-Husband To Inherit Her $15 Million Fortune

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Amy Winehouse’s tragic death on July 23 leaves a plethora of questions. Sadly but predictably, foremost among them is: Who will inherit her $15-$20 million fortune? So far, the number one contender is her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. The answer to that question depends on whether the troubled singer made a new will. So far, the answer to that question is unknown.

Under English law, when two people marry, any prior wills made by either of them are automatically rendered null and void in favor of the spouse. Oddly enough, this fact does not change if or when they divorce. Thus, Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse’s infamous “Blake Incarcerated,” ex-husband, will inherit everything unless Amy wrote a new will after their split. If she failed to do so, then Blake will automatically inherit her entire estate. Lock, stock, and multi-million dollar barrels.

Reportedly, there are many people who deem Blake Fielder-Civil “largely responsible for escalating Amy’s drug abuse to lethal levels.” In fact, less than two weeks prior to her tragic death, Amy Winehouse and her ex were involved in a bizarre sexual harassment dispute. Blake and his fiancée had accused Winehouse of sexting him incessantly. Amy claimed that it was Blake who called and texted her as often as 10 times per day. Whatever.

The details of Amy Winehouse’s post-divorce relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil are all unimportant now. All save one—the will. If Amy neglected to write a new one, her parents or other relatives may attempt to challenge her ex’s right to inherit, but, much like marriage, the law is, for better or worse, the law. As of this writing, if a new will cannot be found, then, deserving or not, Mr. Fielder-Civil will become a very rich bloke indeed.

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