Amy Winehouse- Gone But Not Forgotten

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Amy Winehouse – Gone But Not



Cocaine, methamphetamine, heroine, and LSD we all know and heard of these drugs. They are addictive and can give their users a feeling of euphoria. This is a false sense of well-being that the user continues to search throughout their addiction. There are many celebrities who have fallen under the spell of countless drugs. One such celebrity was Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse died on July 23, 2011. Many people view her death as a suicide as it was her long battle with illicit drugs and alcohol that ultimately took her life. Before Amy met her maker she was just a new born. Amy Jade Winehouse was born on September 14, 1983 to Janis Winehouse and Mitch Winehouse. She begins her early life in Southgate London. It was apparent at an early age that Amy Winehouse would become a singer. For instance many of her teachers would become agitated at Amy’s constant signing in class. However it was her grandmother Cynthia that really set her granddaughters music career on its way by suggesting that Amy attend Susi Earnshaw Theatre School. Amy Winehouse loved and respected her grandmother. Her grandmother Cynthia was also a singer. Singing was the special bond that helped form the close relationship that Amy Winehouse had with her grandmother. Her grandmother understood Amy Winehouse more than most people.

Even if you didn’t understand Amy Winehouse it was apparent how much Amy Winehouse loved music. Another commodity that also became apparent was her maturity and understanding of music far beyond her years. For example, at just 14 years old Amy Winehouse began writing her own music after getting her first guitar at 13 years old. She also sings with Bolsha Band which was a local group.

Her hard work paid off when on October 20, 2003 her album frank was released. Three years later her next album was released. On October 2006 back to black was released for the viewer’s enjoyment. Ironically the album that brought so much joy to millions of listeners was a compilation of pain and heartache for the young singer. Her family believes that the death of her grandmother in 2006 was the main source of her pain others believe that her tumultuous relationship with Blake fielder civil provided the material that Amy needed to make her back to black album.

Amy Winehouse and Blake dated on and off until they progress their love for each other and married on May 18, 2007. Blake openly talks about introducing Amy to crack, cocaine, and heroine. As a fan I hope when Amy Winehouse divorced Blake that her drug troubles would disappear. On August 28, 2009 her divorce to the former video production assistant became finalize.Unfortunately while Amy quit abusing drugs in 2008 she pick up an addiction to alcohol. It is believe that her addiction to alcohol was what killed Amy Winehouse.

Today Amy Winehouse while she was remembered for her music she was also infamous for her drug use. Her death put her into a group of musicians who died at 27 due to their drug problems. Robert Johnson, brain Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse all belong to the infamous 27 club. To me Amy Winehouse was more than her addiction more than the 27 club. She was truly a gifted musician that just made some bad choices. I’m not making excuses for her drug problems. She obviously had her demons. We all have our demons some of us are able to fight and win our battles while others lose.

Amy Winehouse lost her battle on July 23, 2011. The media portray Amy Winehouse as a drug craze addict. When in actuality Amy Winehouse was a lonely soul that had a big heart. For instance “she was once named the most charitable act by pop world.” Some popular charities Amy Winehouse contributed to includes adopt- A- minefield, Anti-slavery international, breast cancer campaign, care, Christian children fund, and great Ormond street hospital.

Now it’s your choice on how you perceive Amy Winehouse. Remember Amy Winehouse is a multifaceted book that you shouldn’t judge by its cover or to be forgotten.



                          Love You Always Amy RIP                     

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