Amy Winehouse Jokes Frowned Upon

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It’s only been a day since Amy Winehouse died and the jokes about her are really getting ugly. They started with a couple of “rehab” jabs and have turned in to people being downright mean. Many people on Twitter and other social networks are reacting to these “jokes,” and the overall consensus is that they aren’t very funny.
“If I see ONE Amy Winehouse joke on my timeline you will be blocked and reported as spam,” said one person. “Making someone’s death into a joke isn’t going to get you a top tweet. Stop being disrespectful. RIP Amy Winehouse,” said another.

The jokes really have been awful and they have been flowing since the moment people learned of this tragic death. Winehouse may have been a lost cause to some people, and as predictable as her death may have been, making jokes about it is really lame. No one deserves to be made fun of once they die, and it’s unfortunate that people stoop so low just for the attention.

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