Amy Winehouse’s Dress Brings Big Bucks at Auction

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Amy Winehouse may be dead, but one of her dresses will live on as a museum piece. The dress that Winehouse sported on her album cover for ‘Back to Black,’ was purchased by a Chilean museum for approximately $68,000.

That is one pretty penny for the striped, strapless dress. The Museo de la Moda purchased the Amy Winehouse dress at a recent auction in London.

The dress, designed by Disaya may be headed to Santiago, Chile, but the money will go to a good cause, a foundation that was created in the singer’s memory.

Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse, created the Amy Winehouse foundation to help young adults who are battling things such as addiction, poverty and diseases.

It was determined that Amy’s death was caused by high levels of alcohol in her system. Hopefully this dress is just one reminder of her life and the money earned from may help prevent someone from heading down the same tragic path as Amy.

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