An Adam Lambert Autographed Booklet Can be Yours!

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Adam Lambert’s new album, Trespassing, releases on May 15, and now fans can pre-order a version that includes a bonus autographed booklet. While everyone waits for the album to drop, various editions have surfaced online, each with its own perk. In addition to the standard CD, which includes 12 tracks, there is also a deluxe edition that has three extra songs (Runnin’, Take Back, and Nirvana). Now, both of these are available at Wal-Mart and come with the autographed booklet. However, quantities are limited, so it will probably sell out quickly.

Another version to appear recently online is from HMV in the UK, which includes an “exclusive slipcase.” However, no details are available about what that is exactly. Also, according to a tweet from Adam’s publicist this week, the UK Share photos on twitter with Twitpicversion of Trespassing will include another bonus track beyond those already on the deluxe edition. Trespassing drops in the UK on July 2.

Most likely, the Japanese version of the album will include something special as well, given that they offered a bonus DVD and desk calendar with Adam’s début album. However, details are not available yet. On Thursday, Adam’s official Japanese Twitter account tweeted, “Sorry 4 the wait! The Japanese edition of ‘Trespassing’ will be released 6/6. contents/cover details coming soon!

Adam Lambert’s fans love to collect everything they can related to their beloved artist, so it’s likely that many have already pre-ordered multiple versions of Trespassing. The latest offer with the autographed booklet is a great incentive for everyone to order the album. How many have you ordered so far?

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