An Ashley Judd Memoir Hits Stores on Tuesday, Includes Dark Secrets

Ashley Judd’s memoir is coming to bookstore shelves on Tuesday, April 5, and this appears to be a drama-filled one.  The memoir is titled “All That Is Bitter & Sweet,” and it looks to contain quite a bit from her past that has yet to be revealed to the public.

The memoir will detail her childhood years, and covers instances of pain and sexual abuse that she had to endure.  This doesn’t sound like the typical nightstand fare that some might be used to enjoying, but it also sounds like an honest telling of her true life story.

In one excerpt from the book that has been released, Judd stated that, “My mother, while she was transforming herself into the country legend Naomi Judd, created an origin myth for the Judds that did not match my reality.”

It certainly sounds like she will be telling a number of family secrets that will be disputed or won’t match up with what her mother or sister has stated about the family in the past.  That is a sure fire way to create drama, and this could definitely lead to a battle of words in the press as opinions from both sides are given.

It will be very interesting to see if the public opinion of the Judd family is altered by this memoir, and if Judd herself will discuss the contents on talk shows.

Does this book sound like one that you will be interested in checking out?  Are you a fan of Ashley Judd that is shocked about what she might be revealing?

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