An Impressionist Walk Through St. Paul's St Patrick's Day Parade

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I brought my camera to the parade.  When I got the pictures home, I decided to play with some of them.  Here’s what I saw today.

The guy with the snake cap was there.

Some crowd scenes were more “real” if I posterized them.

Gotta love this couple.   I try not to photograph people from the front, if I can help it.

Jimbo, is that you?

Sometimes it’s just not a holiday without a flag.

I could have gotten a better picture of the dog, so I fuzzed it up to obscure that shortcoming.

Yes, we’re headed into battle, and don’t make fun of my kilt.

I said, Don’t Make Fun Of My Kilt!!!!

Hey, there may be snow on the roof . . .

This was overexposed, so I just took it a little further in that direction.

They were blowing horns all over.  It didn’t make good pictures, but the entire impression would be incomplete without including them.

I liked this combination of greens.

Another posterized street scene.

A group of firemen (or something) holds tryouts for women to launch into the air during parades.  Here are a couple that made the cut.

Too much going on here to obscure any of it with posterizing.

Lots of green.  Lots of clan banners.

The idea of bagpipes is more powerful than the reality.

A horse.  A wagon.

I don’t know what this guy is about.  He tools around downtown.  Today he was the last thing in the parade, bringing up the very rear.

I saw a lot of people hanging out of the parking ramp, cheering for the marchers to use their horns to launch candy up to them.  The marchers obliged.

I went inside to see what was going on.   There was beer.   There was a band.  Snake man was there.  He wouldn’t hold still.





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