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Well now, this looks interesting:

The rich who ask to pay more taxes
A group of wealthy people believe they should pay more in taxes and are circulating a petition to support the reversal of the tax cuts on top income earners enacted during the Bush administration.

Sounds like a potentially revealing radio talk show in the making, so you know MPR’s Midmorning would take it on.

As you weigh in, I’m interested to learn if you think…

  1. The wealthy should pay more taxes?
  2. The effects of additional taxes (on the wealthy) would have on the economy?
  3. That taxes must be raised… or what if there was an opt-in, to support specific line items?

This is an open discussion, so you’re welcome to link to your related Gather articles or other online resources. Your comments & articles may be quoted on MPR’s Your Voice or elsewhere on

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