An Update On The Latest Scandelous Murder Trial

Many of you read a post last week regarding a murder trial going on in the big city, Knoxville. I live just outside of Knoxville, where the big city literally turns into the middle of nowhere. When people ask where I'm from, I usually say Knoxville because no one has ever heard of my little town and I do consider Knoxville a second home. I lived there for a while and we go there as often as gas prices permit. lots of festivals and the nearest target are there. Lately, I'm reconsidering claiming Knoxville as my home. It seems like there's a horrible murder or two every week. Last night, two people were shot in a drive-by in one of the city's housing projects. No leads on a suspect.

Anyway, I wanted to update you on the trial. (It's being carried live on CourtTV, which is pretty big news around here.) The trial also held court on Saturday and Sunday, a rarity. Just a brief recap of the crime: Teacher had affair with student. Husband knew about it. Wife tried to stop. Husband came home and caught wife/student in bed. Ordered student to leave. Student set in his car refusing to leave. Husband shot kid. Husband is charged with first degree murder. Defense argues that it should be voluntary or involuntary manslaughter.

The biggest thing to come out of the trial this week was the last words spoken by the victim. The husband had came out and retrieved a gun from his truck. (The defense says this was secured earlier when he was planning to commit suicide. Suicide notes were found in the truck.) Victim was waiting on wife, who said she was leaving husband. Husband said you're not taking the kids. Victim said "in two weeks, they'll be calling me daddy." Husband shot victim.

This is one of the most tragic stories I've ever heard. The victim, who was 18 when he was shot, 16 or 17 when the affair began, had spent the earlier part of his life in foster care. He was adopted at age six. His birth mother, who gave up the child at age 2 to continue her life as a prostitute and drug addict, showed up on his 17th birthday and the child chose to move in with her. He was spending time with both parents at the time he was shot. The adoptive mother testified that she found out he had been shot when the birth mother called. She thought it was some kind of a ploy or way to get them out of their son's life. Can you imagine the heartbreak she felt?

This story is hard to report objectively, and I'm sorry if I seem judgemental. I just really hate it when bad mothers give up their children and then stay involved just enough to mess their relationship with adoptive parents who love them.

The prosecution has rested its case for the day, so the defense will begin in the morning. The husband admits to shooting the victim, but after months of abuse and flaunting by the wife. Who really knows what goes on inside a marraige?

The wife isn't expected to testify. She has long ago left town, with boys in tow. Custody of the couple's two young sons was awarded temporarily to the paternal grandparents pending further investigation. No one can find her to serve the papers, though.

I waiver on the issue of gun control, but this is one incident where clearly the precense of the gun contributed to the problem. The husband says he pulled it out just to scare someone, but when the victim made the "daddy" comment, he just squeezed the trigger out of anger.

Thanks for reading this. I'm just really torn up about this story even though I don't know anyone involved.

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