Analysis: Israel Keyes Given Treats for Samantha Koenig Confession

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Serial Killer Israel Keyes was reportedly given treats during his confession of the murder of Samantha Koenig. These treats included a cup of coffee, a peanut butter chocolate bar, and a cigar for afterward. These things were given to him shortly before he confessed to kidnapping and killing the Anchorage teen. It seems almost like a nonchalant activity, accepting gifts to appease his needs, but it’s indicative of the deep-down character of the man who later killed himself in his jail cell.

Samantha Koenig Shocking Exclusive: Sex, Drugs and Theft Before Woman Went MissingThe minuscule manner of his demands for chocolate and tobacco in exchange for his in-depth and disturbing confession only mirrors the minimalist outlook he expressed toward human life. The mentality that powers this kind of individual is one that is cold and calculative — reptilian even. And the way he looked to humans as cattle reveals the personality of a true sociopath. To him, Samantha Koenig was not a human being. She was nothing more to him than an object used to stimulate his needs to kill — and her bank card served as a means to go on a manic spree through the United States removing money from her account. Did he kill while on the run? It’ll likely never be known.

He chuckled at times while detailing the Anchorage teen’s death.

Samantha Koenig was his (presumed) final victim, but in the wake of her disappearance and death other victims were created. Her friends and family were victimized by proxy, for losing the young woman so unfairly. But another family was victimized during the end of a bloody serial killer’s saga.

Israel Keyes would have gotten away had the Anchorage Police Department and FBI treated this investigation in the emotional way some of the community of Anchorage had reacted. Christopher Bird was unfairly and wrongly accused of having something to do with Samantha’s disappearance. All the while Keyes evaded capture. Christopher Bird and his mother Tammie Counts were forced to relocate, with the rest of their family, from Anchorage where they are still struggling to find normalcy after this case, still marked as pariahs to some for actions committed by a totally different person. It’s fortunate that Christopher, i.e. Whyte Tyson, and his mother had their day on Ricki Lake this week when they expressed their side of what happened during this horrifying ordeal.

Now that Israel is dead by committing suicide in his cell, it’s as though Samantha and his other victims won’t see justice. Sometimes this is just a hard fact in cases like these. Some families never get closure and answers are never had when they are wanted most of all. Many people have been left broken and scarred in the wake he left behind, but it’s time to pick up the pieces and be thankful that he is no longer out there taking the lives of innocent people. And this story serves as a reminder that a criminal past doesn’t make someone a suspect. And community lynch mobs and vigilante justice are more harmful than good when directed toward innocent people.

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