…and I, you…

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and I, you

three words you spoke…

right out of the blue…

a lightning bolt

long coveted were they -

a wish I’ve dreamt

a thousand times

so reticent you’ve been to say

‘twas unexpected

they’d be heard today

‘twas not I surprised, but you

throwing caution to the breeze

that between us blows

soft and warm upon

my heart through open door

they flew; now nestled there

never once did I suppose

I loved alone

that you’d me dare deny

unspoken the affairs

of hearts that seethe

so oft the cause for trembling

three words you spoke

each one a whispered kiss

blown to me from far away

with but three lovely words

our lives are changed

all’s rearranged

it’s hard to find such love

when we’re not free

but there’s always been

a me and you…always

I’ve told you often

when you waver – weaken – want

tell you I will wait

forever if I must

just to love you again

hold you naked and near

to whisper your name

feel you say “I’m here”

that is our hope, our dream

an hour, a day, a life together

a place where we can be

again, to the silence I swore

“I adore you”

no longer silent, you sang

“…and I you…”


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