And the Sexiest Man Alive Award goes to…… (pictures…lots of them)

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…. None other than Johnny Depp! The 46-year-old is the first hunk to take the People Magazine crown for the second time in a single decade. And, trust me, it is no surprise. What woman in her right mind wouldn’t go gaga over a drunk pirate, a candy crazed millionaire, or a mad hatter??!! I mean, personally, those were the exact qualities I looked for in a husband!

Depp last held the title in 2003 and the evidence is clear, age does not wither him! Check it our for yourself:

Sexiest Man Alive 2003















Sexiest Man Alive 2009











Others worth mentioning, who also made the list: Jake Gyllenhall, Robert Downey Jr., John Krasinski, Zac Efron, John Cho, and American Idol’s Adam Lambert.


Who’s your favorite Hollywood heartthrob?




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