Anderson Cooper Has Giggle-Fit on CNN (Video)

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Little known fact: Anderson Cooper is an easily tickled individual.

Scratch that. Cooper has a tendency to fall into uncontrollable giggles. In a rare and hilarious moment, he fell prone to one of his giggle fits live on CNN. He insisted after covering his face in embarrassment that this had “never happened” to him before on-air, and that one never expects when watching such YouTube bloopers that s/he may be next.

The breakdown occurred during his “Ridiculist” segment, a lukewarm attempt at emulating the snarky tone and humor of MSNBC shows. This edition was about French actor Gérard Depardieu’s drunken urination on a flight yesterday morning. Cooper made it through most of the segment before losing it, then impressively recomposed himself enough to rush through the remainder.

Overall, Anderson Cooper has avoided the YouTube blooper circuit that so often features such on-screen personalities as Shep Smith and Lawrence O’Donnell. But with this entry, and a daytime talk show premiering next month, Anderson is well on his way to becoming a featured member!

Who knew trying to retell a few potty jokes could be such a production?

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