Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Ben Maisani Caught Cheating on the News Anchor?

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Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend of three years, bar owner Ben Maisani, were so in love that Anderson’s mother Gloria Vanderbilt was reportedly urging the cute couple to get married and adopt a child. However, Anderson might now be the Robert Pattinson of the news industry—it looks like Ben has been cheating on him with another man.

The Daily Mail has posted photos of Ben kissing a muscular, dark-haired man while the two sit on the ground in a New York park. The two men are holding hands and look rather smitten with one another.

Anderson and Ben have always been a very private couple, so it’s possible that they quietly broke up. Obviously this would mean that Ben Maisani wasn’t actually cheating on Anderson Cooper and has simply moved on (albeit very quickly).

But if the photos do show Ben having an affair, Anderson will probably be devastated. He finally mustered up the courage to tell the public that he’s gay just a few short weeks ago, which meant that he and his boyfriend no longer had to be so sneaky when spending time together. But unfortunately it seems like Ben is the type who enjoys a secretive romance—he just found a different reason to sneak around.

Now that poor Anderson knows what it’s like to be in Robert Pattinson’s shoes, perhaps he can score an exclusive interview with the actor so that they can discuss dirty cheaters like Ben and Kristen Stewart together.

So what do you think—would R-Patz agree to do an interview with Anderson knowing that he’s going through a similar situation?

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